Downside Up Charity Fund Advisory Board

Downside Up Charity Fund Advisory Board
Downside Up Charity Fund Advisory Board (AB) is a permanent consultative and advisory body established for facilitating the Fund’s development.
AB Members:
  • Alexey Gnedovsky, General director Veles Kapital;
  • Aisleen Randhawa, Head of Marketing and Communications, Deloitte;
  • Dennis van Diemen, General manager, Voerman;
  • Harro van Graafeiland, Chief operating officer, Iron Mountain;
  • Marlen Manassov, President of DSU;
  • Maria Bogdanova, President, ETSN, REALEX
  • Andrey Lapshov, President, Insiders communication group;
  • Igor Gurovich, Zoloto group;
  • Anna Gorshkova, actress;
  • Igor Namakonov, Creative director The MOST Creative Club;
  • Anatoly Shvedov, Goldman Sachs Bank;
  • Kirill Gromov, Sberbank CIB.
Advisory Board’s contribution to the work of the Fund:
  • An outside analytical point of view on Downside Up operation;
  • Expert support and advice to the Fund on corporate governance and transparency issues, fundraising, PR, marketing, and other matters;
  • Improvement of feedback from the donors;
  • Widening of the Fund’s access to business community resources in Russia;
  • Information on the new trends towards charity in the business sector. 
Anna Portugalova, Director, Downside Up Charity Fund: “It is vital for us to have a dynamic feedback from our corporate donors and to make use of their expertise in corporate governance, fundraising, PR, and other matters. We are confident that our dialogue will result in broader areas of cooperation with the business sector in charities.
Michael Bolan, AB Chairman in 2008; Marketing Director, Deloitte, Partner: “I believe that Downside Up has made tremendous progress in tangibly improving the life of Russian people. For many years the corporate donors have been the Fund’s partners in its highly successful work. We believe that our advice will encourage Downside Up to reach a higher level of excellence in fulfilling their plans.”
Rob Carver, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, HSBC, has joined Downside Up Advisory Board. HSBC has been a principal partner and supporter of DSU for several years. "I have only recently moved to Russia, but I have already heard a lot about the Downside Up's remarkable performance. I will be happy to contribute my expertise and personal experience to the Fund's mission of supporting the families raising children with Down syndrome."
Our target is to have 15-20 members on the Advisory Board, and we invite our partners for participation. If you want to learn more about the work of AB, please contact Irina Menshenina, Director for Development, Downside Up, at, or by phone at +7 (499) 367 1000.